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National Association of Custom Home Builders

(July 16, 2012) Nominated member, Marnie Custom Homes of Bethany Beach, Delaware has been accepted to NACHB. From a long line of family builders, Marnie Ousler, was recently inspired by the “Made in America” segment on “ABC World News with Diane Sawyer” to attempt building a house from 100% American-made products. While almost accomplished, Marnie Ousler got to 94% without significant additional costs. “As an entrepreneur, it’s your responsibility to help the community.” And to use American-made products, “There is less travel and pollution, and you are helping with local jobs — it’s win-win,” says Marnie Ousler.

Starting her company in 2007, Ousler was previously a real estate agent. Like her father, grandfather and great-grandfather, Marnie builds a great house. Her Marie Homes wasted no time in building the first certified LEED home in Delaware under the U.S Green Building Council’s certification in 2008 in Bethany Beach.
NACHB member, Marnie Ousler has built a name for herself. Marnie Homes have been featured in the annual Beach & Bay Cottage Tour, and she has been featured in American Builders Quarterly, MaGrann Associates and Shore Woman. Marnie Homes will be featured soon in an upcoming newsletter. NACHB is proud to have Marnie Ousler’s Marnie Homes as a member.

NACHB is the differentiator in custom home building from tract builders. The finest custom home builders in the US are listed amongst our membership as are revolutionary vendor/members like Warmzone and Weiland Sliding Doors.